Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Display Your Race Swag!

If you're anything like us, you have a slew of race shirts, bibs, and medals that you have accumulated over the years.  You don't want to throw away your precious memories, but at this point they are really just cluttering your home in a pile in the corner of a closet somewhere.

If you are crafty at all (or willing to pay someone who is), you can easily display your medals and bibs in your home so you can remember all of your accomplishments!  Sites like have tons of people who will do everything from turn your old worn out race shirts into a beautiful quilt to creating hand painted wooden signs with hooks for your medals and bibs.  You can also find frames made specifically for race bibs, if you would like to display some of your favorites more prominently.

Here are some of the fun ideas we have seen.  Please share what you have done to display your race items if you have other great ideas for us!

So now you know!  Never throw away a memory... Happy racing!


  1. I host parties to make our own - also have made a few displays as gifts. Customized by color and inspirational phrase/words.

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