Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Strength Training Tip For Runners #8-Planks and Push-Ups

Planks and push-ups should be regularly occurring staples in your workouts and they are challenging to begin with. They strengthen your core and your upper body. An advanced way to make these even more challenging once you've mastered the basics, put a weight on your back. The extra weight will make your core and upper body work significantly harder and a stronger body can handle more miles!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Strength Training Tip For Runners #7-Half Kneeling Position

Half Kneeling Position:

The half kneeling position can be added to just about every exercise of the core and upper body. The half kneeling position is like a "proposal stance" where you are on one knee with the other foot out in front of you. This position can be challenging to hold without doing any additional exercise so begin by getting comfortable holding the position as it gives you an additional core challenge, hip stretch and forces an increase in hip stability. I utilize the half kneeling position with several ab exercises, back exercises and shoulder or chest exercises. In this video, you can see Jill performing a half kneeling shoulder press to challenge her core and keep her hips loose as she prepares for her Ironman.