Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Is it Time to Break Up With Your Sports Bra?

Many of us are still clinging to sports bras that we have had for years because we "have to wear two anyways" or they "still look fine".  No matter how good they have been to you, they can't give you what you need anymore.  It's time to break up with those old sports bras!

Your girls are only connected to your chest by small Cooper's Ligaments, and once those stretch or tear, there's nothing to keep them from sagging.  Prevent damage by wearing a bra that supports them properly (not just one that smooshes them down into a uni-boob) and by replacing sports bras regularly.  You don't need to have one in every color... just rotate through 3 great bras and replace them about once a year.  Trust me - when you explain this logic to the man in your life, he will be more than happy to get you a couple of new sports bras every year.  My husband is deeply concerned for the well-being of my Cooper's Ligaments now. :)

We have a great selection of Moving Comfort sports bras that are designed by women for women and are made for high impact activities like running.  If you are in need of a new sports bra (or two), stop by the store, and we will be happy to fit your girls with their new favorite bra.  You'll never have to worry about missing that old bra that never gave you the support you deserve anyway!

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