Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why Train for a 5K?

Why run/walk?
o   Physical and Mental Challenge (Accomplishment of Goals)
o   Stress Relief
o   Added Energy
o   Social Activity/Meet New People
o   Toned Muscles
o   Burn calories – eat more or lose weight!
o   Runner’s High
o   New wardrobe
o   Train Mind – Perseverance, Focus, Determination, Work Ethic, Self Motivation
o   Health Benefits
        §  Healthy weight (lose or maintain)
        §  Prevent Muscle and Bone Loss (Use it or lose it!)
  §  Reduced Risk of Diseases Like Heart Attack, Stroke, Breast Cancer, Diabetes
        §  Boost Immune System  (Higher Concentration of White Blood Cells)
  §  Builds Confidence (Defeat Obstacles/Challenges, Healthy Self-Image)

How to Avoid Injury
o   Develop Core Strength
o   Warm-Up
o   Stretch After Running
o   Relax (Minimize Tension in Shoulders, Arms, Face)
o   Good Form (Stand Tall, Hips Under Shoulders, Shorter Strides)
o   Listen to Your Body
o   Build Mileage and Intensity SLOWLY Over Time

Follow a Training Plan (Like OURS!)
o   Adjust and Go At Your Own Pace
o   Enjoy It and Have Fun!

If you've ever wanted to run or walk a 5K, this is the perfect time to act on it!  Come train with us!  Our free training groups start Saturday, May 18th at the store in Edgewood and Monday, May 20th in Burlington at England-Idlewild Park.  The Edgewood groups (intermediate and Couch to 5K) will meet Tuesday evenings tat 6:30 PM and Saturday mornings at 9:00 AM, and the Burlington Couch to 5K group will meet Monday and Thursday evenings at 6:30 PM.  We have great pace coaches for every ability, and we provide routes, hydration, and lots of encouragement!

Learn more at one of our informational meetings (all held at the store).  We hope to see you soon!
Info Meetings:
May 8th - 6:30PM
May 11th - 9:00AM
May 13th - 6:30PM
May 16th - 6:30PM

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