Wednesday, June 19, 2013

ThinkSport - Practice Safe Sun!

This may not be the most shocking news ever, but a new study has recently been published that proves that people who use sunscreen correctly on a daily basis are 24% less likely to show signs of aging.  Now, we all know about the health risks of excess sun exposure, like skin cancer and painful sunburns, but simple vanity is another great reason to make an effort to protect your skin.  Regular sun exposure without sunscreen leads to wrinkling, spotting, and less elastic skin... all signs of aging.

As runners and walkers, most of us are outside VERY regularly, and that time spent in the sun means we should be wearing sunscreen.  I'm the first to admit that most of us are not using sunscreen, myself included.  It gets slimy and is one additional thing to worry about.  But we are now carrying ThinkSport, a SAFE sunscreen that is specifically designed for active lifestyles.  Not only is it free of biological chemicals, but it also has the highest level of UVA and UVB protection and the highest level of water resistance, ensuring that you are protected even when you are sweating like crazy on a hot summer day.  Best of all, in my opinion, it absorbs quickly and doesn't create that oily film on your skin!

Next time you are heading outside for a run or walk, make sure you have ALL of your gear on, including sunscreen.  Incorporating this one simple thing into your routine will ensure that all of the hard work you are putting into taking care of your body through working out will be worth it, because you will also have healthy and youthful skin to go with that toned body of yours!


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