Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pain in the Plantar Fasciitass (See what I did there?)

Marathon training mileage is ramping up.  Financial times are tough and people are using their running, walking, and everyday dress/casual shoes a few hundred miles more than they should.  Our feet are abused and overused in general.  There are several reasons why so many people are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, but the important thing is that none of them are happy about it.

Plantar Fasciitis is pain in the arch or heel of the foot and is generally pretty difficult to kick once you have it.  Doctors may suggest everything from Cortisone shots to time off to specialized orthotics.  If you are suffering from this type of injury, the most important thing is making sure whatever you are doing to get rid of it is also going to keep it from coming back.  For most people, this means establishing a routine of a battery of strengthening and stretching drills.

As part of a Plantar Fasciitis remedy, you really want to focus on stretching your lower calf.  It's all connected, and often this is the cause of a bad case of arch or heel pain.  You can use a foam roller or Trigger Point Therapy tools to get some great deep massage results and loosen up a tight lower calf.  Stop in and we can give you several good exercises to get you started, or you can sign up for one of our free injury screens to speak directly to a physical therapist, orthopaedic surgeon, or chiropractor!

Beyond the exercises, keeping Plantar Fasciitis away is a lifestyle change.  It can mean wearing an insert in your shoes every day or switching to more supportive footwear, even for work and casual use. You will also need to continue strengthening and stretching even when it's not flared up, or it might come back!  We carry tons of products at the store from flip flops with arch support to massage products to supportive socks.  Stop by and let us help you!

If you've had a battle with Plantar Fasciitis (and so many of us have!), feel free to comment and share your words of wisdom about what worked for you with us!

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